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  • Handheld Data Terminal
    i1 Smart Handheld Data Terminal

    iMACHINE i1 is a new generation of high performance, ultra-thin intelligent handheld data terminal, with fully performance and experience feeling. The screen is 5.5inch full HD screen, which is portable and comfortable to hold. It has more stable connection, lower delay, larger capacity and super industrial protection performance.  The configuration and usage experience is much better among industry level in all directions. iMACHINE i1 is perfectly suit to many scenarios, such as logistics, express, warehouse inventory, manufacturing, retail e-commerce, public utilities, asset management etc. The goal is to improve the operation and management level with efficiently data collection.

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  • Handheld Data Terminal
    i1 PLUS Smart Handheld Data Terminal

    iMACHINE i1 PLUS is a new generation of high-end flagship intelligent handheld intelligent data terminal launched by iMACHINE. After the careful research and developing of professional team, the ultimate high performance and practicality are perfectly integrated. The thin and light body is equipped with a 6-inch FHD+ and 3D micro-curved full HD screen, it leads the trend of the high-end mobile data terminal with high-performance configuration that pursues excellent productivity and leads the industry in all orientations. iMACHINE i1 PLUS is perfectly suitable for application scenarios in many industries such as logistics express, warehousing inventory, manufacturing, retail e-commerce, public utilities, asset management, etc. Helping customers efficiently collect data to improve operation and management level.

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  • PD01 Plus Smart Handheld Data Terminal
    PD01 Plus Smart Handheld Data Terminal

    iMACHINE PD01 PLUS is a high-performance and highly reliable industrial grade intelligent handheld data terminal, equipped with Android 11.0 operating system and extremely fast processor, supporting rich and comprehensive function options, such as barcode scanning, NFC, PSAM, HD camera, etc., with excellent performance and strong industry adaptability. It is widely used in logistics, retail, warehousing, medical, electric power, one card, parking fee, government projects and other applications to help customers quickly realize information management and improve the efficiency of business operations.

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Imachine Shines 2020 EuroShop

Imachine Shines 2020 EuroShop

The German international retail trade fair Euroshop was founded in 1966 and is held every three years. After more than 50 years of development, it has

  • Imachine Shines 2020 EuroShop
    Feb 28,2020

    The German international retail trade fair Euroshop was founded in 1966 and is held every three years. After more than 50 years of development, it has become the weathervane for the development of the global retail industry. It is also an indispensable exhibition with the largest scale and influence...

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  • Heart of The Child, Bravely Forward, Imachine Shines 2019 Gitex Exhibition
    Oct 16,2019

    GITEX TECHNOLOGY WEEK started in 1982, hosted by the world trade center Dubai, is a large and successful computer, communications and consumer electronics exhibition in the Middle East. It is one of the three major IT exhibitions in the world.The exhibition brings together the world's leading b...

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  • Smart Devices, Smart City
    Jun 27,2019

    The once a year Computex kicked off in Taipei on May 28th, 2019. Computex is globally a professional B2B ICT trade fair, an ideal platform that interlinks IoT industrial supply chains, creates ecosystems for start-ups, and presents IoT scientific applications. 5 themes make up Computex 2019: AI &...

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  • Eurocis 2019 has Successfully ended with new achievements.
    Mar 01,2019

    From 19th Feb to 21st Feb 2019, once again, iMachine with their overseas sales elite team put EuroCIS on flame . EuroCIS located at Dusseldorf, a peaceful city along the Rhine river side, it is a lead and indispensable exhibition of IT and security solution in European retail trade. Focus ...

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  • Marching Undauntedly Forward!

    After its debut at Computex Taipei in the early June, this time iMachine set out for Dubai, once again playing against its senior global peers on the same arena at Gitex, from October 14th-18th. Started since 1982, hosted by Dubai world trade center, Gitex is one of the three top IT shows globally, ...

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  • 38th GITEX TECHNOLOGY WEEK,IMachine invite you to participate

    Exhibition introduction: GITEX TECHNOLOGY WEEK is one of the top three IT exhibitions in the world. Professionalism: GITEX TECHNOLOGY WEEK was launched in 1982 by the Dubai World Trade Center. It is the largest and most successful computer, communication and consumer electronics exhibition in t...

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